Who we are?

We are the group of 3D Modelling and Virtual World from Finnish Geospatial Research Institute. You may find us here.

We are aiming for high automation in map updating, object detection and 3D model reconstruction; we are aiming for constructing detailed photorealistic 3D models; we are aiming for immersive virtual environment development.

Participation in events:


We were selected as participants in a meeting with US representatives and TEKES


Finland-US cooperative workshop hosted by TEKES, Helsinki


Robot bus line opening event & innovation workshop, Helsinki


Game Developer Conference Europe, Germany

GDC Europe
Older events..

What is happening in the world of 3D?

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Lingli Zhu

Group leader, Research Manager, D.Sc. (Tech.)

My research is focusing on airborne and mobile laser scanning, photogrammetry, GIS, digital image processing and computer vision. My specialty is automatic object classification and 3D model reconstruction.

Leena Matikainen

Vice leader, Specialist Research Scientist, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Research interests: automated interpretation of laser scanner and image data, mapping and map updating applications, automated change detection.

Matti Lehtomäki

Research Scientist (M.Sc.)

Matti is a PhD student and is specialised in automatic feature extraction from 3D point clouds.

Eero Ahokas

Specialist Research Scientist

Research interests are airborne laserscanning, remote sensing, and photogrammetry. Calibration and data quality topics are also interesting.

Tuomas Turppa

Research Scientist

Research interest: Game development, programming, optimizations, Game engines (Unity, Unreal), VR (Oculus Rift), 3D-modelling

Eero Salminen

Research Scientist

Eero is an experienced 3D content creator, Unity developer and a VR enthusiast with a keen interest in researching and advancing all kinds of interactive 3D technologies.

Yiwu Wang

Research Scientist

Research interest: GIS, Unity game engine